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Ten Simple Techniques to Gain Perspective on Your Thoughts - 01/07/2024

Dr Maria Tucknott talks about one component of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - Cognitive Fusion and how to break free from difficult thought. Cognitive fusion occurs when we become so entangled with our thoughts that they dictate our actions, often in unhelpful ways.  Read more in our blog

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Understanding EMDR Intensives: What you need to know - 01/06/24

EMDR intensives offer a powerful approach to trauma therapy because several months of therapy are condensed into a few days. Curious? Read more in our blog

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Birth Trauma and Postnatal PTSD - 01/05/24

Learn more about birth trauma and postnatal post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and how trauma therapy can help. Read more in our blog

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Attachment Focused EMDR Therapy - 05/03/2024

Attachment Focused EMDR Therapy was originally developed for those who have experienced childhood trauma. It finds and heals the wounded child part that still lives within you so that the past does not continue to affect you in the present.  Read more in our blog

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Coping with Trauma - 04/04/2024

Discover Dr Maria Tucknott's top tips for dealing with symptoms of trauma. Including Box Breathing and 54321. Read our latest blog post to find out more

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Understanding Depression 06/11/2023

Learn more about the signs and symptoms of depression and how to cope. Read more in our blog. Discover more.

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